Weekend "Dinner-to-Go"

Orders must be placed by Tuesday prior and will be available for pickup at 3:00pm.
 - call 518-794-6227 to place your order -

sunday, may 7th

Roasted Loin of Pork
Thin slices of pork with a mango-papaya chow-chow,
creamy mashed potatoes, and vegetable
Served with a house salad, white bean spread, and baguette

Sunday, May 14th

Happy Mother's Day!
We are closing after breakfast on Sunday, May 14th

Sunday, may 21st

Half of a Wellington Farm chicken basted with our own bar-b-que sauce
along with coleslaw, and potato salad
  Served with a house salad, white bean spread
, and baguette

Sunday, may 28th

Beef Lasagna
Seasoned ground beef, layered with pasta,
pesto-ricotta cheese, mozzarella, and our own marinara sauce

Served with a Caesar salad, white bean spread, and baguette